Rob, peens, and such

Mar 21


Mr. J.D.


Mr. J.D.

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Oct 21

Trying to post a pic of my new painting and it’s not working

Oct 14


Oct 10

the whole truth and nothing but the truth: How do I explain this? -


This argument that “Rob should have stuck by her side,” is bullshit.

This ain’t Twilight. Edward does not have to forgive Bella for her moment indiscretion with Jacob.

If you believe Rob and Cuntface were together, they were so in love, etc, and she cheated, wouldn’t you want Rob with someone…

@WordyBitches: Justin Bieber has an uncircumcised penis omg NSFWPost from @WordyBitches on Twitter (via Scope)


Justin Bieber has an uncircumcised penis omg


Post from @WordyBitches on Twitter (via Scope)

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Feb 27